Last, but not least....
(From the mind of J.E. Clarke)
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T.V. Pilots

(in)Equality (SF/Thriller)
- Technology brings the ultimate solution to Social Inequality in the US.  But is everything truly as it seems?  Two young men on opposite sides of the tracks are about to find out... (Hard SF in the vein of Orphan Black - torn from bleeding edge news issues - terrorist and economic -  with a touch of X-Files on the side.)

Licensed (Ensemble Female Drama/Dramedy) - When served with divorce papers, a Nevada politician's wife is forced to make ends meet by becoming a brothel prostitute.  But will she survive her new career - and bond with the women who share her "life"?  Orange is the New Black - you ain't seen nothing yet!

Millennia (SF/Drama) - A cyberneurologist must confront his wife and son - whose minds he transferred unwillingly into android bodies - in order to save them. A far reaching hard-SF tale, in the style of I-Robot and Arthur C. Clarke.

Cowritten and story by J.M. O'Farrell: a senior engineering specialist, employed in the Space program in the field of Space Shuttle launch imagery.

Awards - 2017 QuarterFinalist in PAGE International

Plague (Medical/Political Thriller) - When civil unrest and a deadly flu strike NYC, an interracial couple's world is turned upside down. And when the true nature of the virus is revealed, they're forced to flee for their children's lives... 

Awards - 2016 QuarterFinalist in PAGE International
Feature Length

Alien Liberation Front (A.L.F.) (SF Action/Thriller) - Alien abductions ruined their lives.  Now Dena, Mark and Kirk are on the run - and it'll take a rogue alien to save them.  92 pages. 

BitterSweet (Horror) - A historian mourning the death of her daughter leads a group to explore a once-flooded town - but finds that the ghosts of its murdered children have not yet been laid to rest. 105 pages.

Awards - 2014 QuarterFinalist in Stage 32's Search for New Blood

Containment (Zombie Horror) - A band of teenagers find more than they bargained for when they break into an isolated storage facility.  100 pages.  Optioned.

Awards - 2014 SemiFinalist in PAGE International

Dead Cell (Thriller) - (Cowritten with Dena McKinnon) - A doctor finds herself stranded on a train with a draining cell phone as her only lifeline; forced to choose between saving her daughter, or killing a stranger. 100 pages.

Awards - 2014 SemiFinalist in PAGE International

The FAQs of Life According to Sara (Dramedy) - A tomboy horror buff finds her world crumbling when her parents separate, and she's bullied by the meanest girl at school.  Supported by her goth best friend, Sara attempts to survive the on-set of puberty... and every humiliation life can bring!   120 pages.

Sixteen Candles meets Bridesmaids - with a touch of Ally McBeal/Scott Pilgrim.

Hopscotch (Horror) Fleeing the massacre of her family, an old Obeah woman takes shelter in the Bronx.  But when she takes an abandoned brother and sister under her wing, she finds worse horrors (and redemption) lie in store. 105 pages.  An urban horror with soul...

Awards - 2016 QuarterFinalist in PAGE International

The Nigerian Job (Action/Parody) - Desperate for one last score, a down-and-out mercenary drags his team to the African continent.  Will the mission be the ultimate payoff - or the last mistake in a long list of failures?   A send up of the action/commando genre, spoofing films from the 80s and beyond....  92 pages.

Selfie (Horror/Dark Comedy) - When a bullying incident goes horribly wrong, a possessed cell phone transmits a fatal computer virus. 86 pages.

Stream of Consciousness (SF/Drama) -  A breakthrough in technology makes telepathy possible.  But is Dr. Saul Aaron's invention a path into the world of the mind?  Or a glimpse into something far stranger?  90 pages.

Optioned and in production!

Last Stop (Survival/Drama) - 7 strangers are trapped in a NYC subway car, following an accident that could be terrorist related.  They survived the crash - but will they survive each other? 95 pages.

Awards - 2014 QuarterFinalist in PAGE International

Mekka World (Family Action/Adventure) - A family wins a vacation to a mysterious theme park run by robots, and owned by an eccentric billionnaire.  It seems like a once-in-a-lifetime least until the robots revolt. 100 pages.

An tent-pole adventure for children of all ages; with send ups to SF classics such as Westworld, Jurassic Park and Jumanji.

Target Practice (Horror) -  A movie crew travels to the backwoods to film an indie slasher.  Things go horribly wrong when the lead is accidentally killed.  And even worse when the deranged director decides to keep shooting - using the FX crew and cast as real victims!  80 pages.

A tongue in cheek homage to the slasher genre, with Whedonesque dialogue.

Awards - 2015 QuarterFinalist in PAGE International

Territory - (Horror) A young girl volunteers for service in the Philippines, and finds herself embroiled in a world of sex, corruption and dark local legends...which may ultimately prove to be all too real. 107 pages.

Awards - 2013 QuarterFinalist in PAGE International and Screamcraft
                2013 QuarterFinalist Austin Film Screenplay Awards

The Doll (Horror) A reporter heads to a small town to investigate a missing person's report.  When she is kidnapped, her sister tries to find her... but falls into the clutches of an obsessed madman who turns his victims into living dolls... 90 pages.

Quarantine Island (Horror) - Four film students head to an abandoned island to film a documentary - but find that certain horrors have not yet been buried.... 90 pages.  Cowritten with Dena McKinnon.

Awards - 2015 QuarterFinalist in PAGE International

Strange Specimens (SF) - Trapped in a mysterious metal chamber, several strangers from different parts of the world attempt to figure out why they're been imprisoned, by what force - and if they can hope to ever escape?

A (quasi) one location feature, SS combines the best of Cube and Twilight Zone... exploring politics, philosophy and drama - along with a unique hard SF core. 95 pages.

Transgate - (SF)  James Kelman has a unique job - alien linguist for the S.S. Asimov, isolated on the outskirts of Saturn.  As tensions build, Kelman and the crew face obstacles on all sides.   Can the crew of the Asimov find middle ground, before the situation explodes? 108 pages.

Vampire Teacher (Kid's Horror/Comedy) - Four fifth grade friends are terrified when they begin to suspect their new teacher's a vampire. But when classmates start to vanish, the situation gets far worse! Co-written with Chris Shamburger.

Vegging Out - (Dramedy) A college girl and her friends take a vow to go veggie - and quickly discover that the lifestyle is wilder--and more complicated--than it seemed at first glance. 108 pages



A Matter of Perspective (Dark Comedy/Satire) - Three documentary students stumble onto a stabbing.  But in a world filled with smartphones and viral vids - what's more important: the victim or catching the moment on film? 6 pages.

Availability May Be Limited (Comedy/Action) - When the latest video craze hits the shelves, two women find that limited supply - and unlimited demand - equal all-out war.  9 pages

Battle of the Ice Cream Trucks: A Tale of Ice and Ire - Two rival teens battle it out for neighborhood supremacy.  But a cold, cruel fate awaits them both! 7 pages.

Bronx Weatherman - (Comedy) - Things at a NYC news station go horribly awry when an unexperienced weatherman takes the stage. 6 pages.

Cliff Notes from the Underground (With Apologies to Dostoyevsky)  (Comedy) - A social misfit struggles to preserve his dignity while navigating the NYC subway.  7 pages.

The Scream (Comedy) - The origin of the "Wilhelm Scream" - finally revealed! 7 pages.

Strange Smells in Dusty Hallways (Ghosthunters) (Comedy/Horror) - Sometimes, possession isn't the worst danger from ghosts... 5 pages.

Spooked (Horror/Comedy) - Body shaming isn't nice. Even after you're dead. 8 pages.

Witch Hunt (Satire/Fantasy) - Magic and politics prove to be strange bedfellows in this sendup of economics, the McCarthy trials, and the current political atmosphere...  9 pages

Workout Buddies - (Comedy/SF) Growth is good - right?  A satiric riff on the world of bodybuilding, growth hormone, and just general vanity.  16 pages

Up and Out (Comedy) - Andrew gets in an elevator.  Everything goes to Hell from there. 6 pages

Zombie Disability (Horror/Comedy) - Brought to you by the Americans Disabilities Act for the Undead. Remember, zombies are people too. 6 pages.

Zombie Woods (What Exactly Do Zombies Do in the Woods?) (Horror/Comedy) - Two lone survivors battle zombies - while debating some of the finer "biological" realities of their horrific world... 6 pages.


A Gentle Cloth to Wash One's Sins Away  (Horror) Two lovebirds drive to the country to have an affair.  But certain horrors lie in wait. And certain sins can't be washed clean... 12 pages.

All the Dead Things Run Away (Horror) - Even in the wake of the zombie apocalypse, a young girl's love for her dog is eternal. 5 pages.

Alternative Route (Horror) - Trapped in a limousine speeding God-knows-where, a rich socialite bargains to get the itinerary changed. 7 pages.

Asylum - (Horror) - A young man in the 1890s is sentenced to an Asylum for the crime of love.  Will he survive the loneliness and the brutality - or are worse things waiting, behind those walls?  Mental institutions make for strange bedfellows... 12 pages

Bean Nighe - (Horror) - In the Scottish Highlands, an old man finds himself face to face with a creature from legend - and a memory from the past which threatens to take away the last of what he still holds dear. 13 pages

Black Heart, Blue Eyes (Horror) - A Texas Oil Barron learns that actions have consequences - terrifying ones, in fact! (Based on the Black Eyed Children urban legend.) 10 pages.

Checkmate (Horror/Drama) - Two couples, two kids and a winter lodge.  It's family game night - who's ready to play? 7 pages.

Claustrophobia - With Contrast (Horror) - Sometimes, MRIs look deeper than the flesh... 6 pages.

Coat of Many Souls (Horror) - A jaded psychic is visited by a strange and awkward young man. 5 pages.

Confined (Horror) - A woman and her children hide from soul-sucking monsters. When their safe space becomes a trap, what will one mother do to save her family's lives?  5 pages.

Evil Under the Skin (Horror) - A girl faces puberty - and the choice of just how far one will go for a friend... 14 pages.

Exercise Buddy (Horror/Comedy) - A woman looking to whip herself together for a date buys a Haunted Treadmill - and a friend for Life (or is that Death?) 17 pages.

Fair Trade (Horror) - A terminally ill man inadvertently discovers a portal to a parallel world - and possible redemption for his family.  7 pages.

Hide-A-Key Series (Horror) - Written for the pending Kirk White project Hide-A-Key (scripts unavailable).

Hide and Seek - A little boy follows his wayward toy - into adventure or a trap? 3 pages.
Peeping Tom - There are scarier things for strangers to see,  when they're hiding in your house.   3 pages.

Hopscotch (Horror) - A little inner-city girl learns that some games are best not played... 8 pages. (The short which inspired the feature length...)

Kids: They're Up to All Sorts of Horror These Days (Classic Monster Horror/Comedy) - Horror stories always begin with teens - so all you ladies beware!  Puberty humor meets Dracula,  Wolfman, and... other creatures of the night. 6 pages.

Magick in the Machine (Horror) - A junkie, an aging witch and internet porn. What could possibly go wrong? 12 pages

Papercut (Horror) - Hassled by school bullies, a strange little boy proves that the root of all evil ISN'T money... 8 pages

Recovered (Cured) (Horror) - Zombie apocalypses aren't over when the cure is found... 7 pages. Currently in post - IMDB Listing Here!

Resting Place (Supernatural Horror) A couple hide out at an abandoned farm, when their kidnapping plan goes horribly wrong. A 'haunting' tale of country justice... 7 pages

Strangers Come A Knocking 'Round Midnight - (Urban Legend based Horror) Mary just wants a peaceful evening at home.  But the neighboring kids won't leave her alone! 7 pages. Optioned!!

Stayin' Alive - (Horror/Comedy/Fantasy) - You know what they say. Vampires and Disco don't mix. Or do they? 6 pages.

Stuck on You - (Horror) Have a nice day...if you can.   Proof that happy face buttons aren't always a good thing...  15 pages

The Economy Sucks (Horror/Drama) - To provide for his family, a cash strapped businessman makes a desperate deal.  Wall Street isn't the only blood sucker out there...  5 pages.

The Lesser of Two Evils (Horror/Satire) - A ragtag group battles to survive the zombie apocalypse.  But is there an even worse fate in store? 9 pages.

Territory - (Horror) Even killers should respect *certain* boundaries....  A glimpse into what happens when the Filipino sex industry and traditional mythos collide.  10 pages  (The short which inspired the feature length...)


Behind Closed Doors (Drama, Thriller) - Three men flee a botched bank robbery, seeking shelter in an elevator. But will they face more horrible truths inside? 8 pages

Casualty of War - (Drama, Horror) - On a routine drug bust, Officer Janice Mitchell kills her first suspect.  A simple case of self-defense...but then she gets to know him.   An exploration into the political justification for the War on Drugs - with a supernatural twist.  23 pages

Decisions - (Drama) A battered woman reconnects with the little girl she once was. 7 pages.

Friendship is Electric (Drama) - A teen girl with epilepsy attempts to sneak home wearing an embarrassing EEG - and that's where BFF's come in! 7 pages.

Ghosts of Christmas Past - (Horror-Drama) On a dark Christmas night, Brian finds regrets from his past have come back to haunt him.  A gothic drama that explores the emotions of regret, and familial responsibility.  12 pages

Grady/The Last Dog - (Drama/SF) - An old woman takes her dog on a walk... triggering her neighborhood's trip down memory lane.  6 pages.

Loyalty (Drama) Two gangsters, a hit and a creaky rowboat.  Sometimes, sharks aren't the most dangerous animal in the water...  11 pages.

Opposite Sides of the Fence (Drama/Fantasy) - Abortion is a hard enough decision for any teen... especially with conflicting views at play. 6 pages.

Paying the Dues (Political Drama/SF) - Two friends from opposite sides of the tracks face differing futures - in striking ways.  (A look at Meritocracy, Oligarchy, and Libertarian ideals.) 9 pages.

Remember Me (Drama/SF) - A girl with a devastating brain illness considers an experimental surgery. 6 pages.

Roundtable (Drama/Satire) - A Cheesy Talk Show Host and Six Guests discuss the pros and cons of Libertarianism vs. Socialism. 9 pages.

White Light (Drama/Philosophical Dramedy) (Cowritten with Tim Westland) Two close friends are hit by a truck. But has their age-old debate on religion been decided... yet? 4 pages.

Awards - 2016 QuarterFinalist in PAGE International

Wired (Drama/Thriller)  A nebbish businessman spots a bomb on a subway train - but appearances can be deceiving...  7 pages.


Alleyways - (Fantasy/Drama) - An orphan girl ventures down a urban alleyway - into danger... or a better life?  10 pages.

As Free As the Air We Breathe (SF/Political Satire) - In the future, the market may be unlimited. But some other things... are not. 15 pages.

(The) Best Candidates (SF/LBGT) - When the colonists for a new world are chosen - what are the crucial traits to select? 6 pgs.

Book of Life: An Open Page (SF/Drama) - While waiting for a bus, a woman meets an old couple with a book - who know more about her than it seems. 7 pages.

Bully (SF) - A bullying CEO pushes a nerdy scientist and abused janitor to the limit. But what if their fates were reversed? 18 pages.

But the Word Shall Endure (SF) - An old priest lectures his post-apocalyptic parish about the sanctity of life. 6 pages.

Coat of Many Colors (SF) - A bereaving scientist consoles his favorite Robot/AI about the death of a close colleague.  9 Pages.

Con Atonic (SF/Dramedy) (Cowritten with Dena McKinnon) - A hip cyber hacker faces life in prison.  Can he turn the new "mind control modification" program to his advantage? (The Shawshank Redemption meets 2015...) 11 pages.

Consistency Paradox (SF) - A husband and wife team crack the Time Travel code, only to meet with tragedy. But is everything truly set in stone? 10 pages.

Conversion (SF/Social Commentary) - A hero worshipping teen chats with his mutant-obsessed Pastor, and discovers the dark secret they both share.  12 pages.

Everything in Its Place (SF/Comedy) - An inventor plagued with OCD travels back in time to meet his hero. Will his irrational need for order ruin all his well laid plans? 10 pages.

Evolutionary Course (SF) - First contact is made by three scientists: aided by a robotic interpreter.  What they hear may change everyone's perspective... in strange and ominous ways. 8 pages.

Eye for an Eye (SF/Drama) - Two attorneys battle over the fate of four men, accused of rape and murder.  But in the future, what does perfect justice entail? 6 pages.

Impact (SF Compilation)  Inspired by the Create 50/50 Impact competition: four micro scripts regarding humanity's response to the end of the world.  If you knew you only had a few hours before a meteor ends all life on Earth... what exactly would you do? (Rights to these scripts retained by J.E. Clarke - available for production.)

Caged - An animal shelter volunteer finds herself trapped at work -  with perfect company.

Fifty Shades of Impact - When a couple's faced with death, maybe experimenting isn't a bad thing...

The Last Laugh - An amateur comedian finds his gig cut short.  Will the show still go on?

Top of the World - When your first date is your last - where's the best place to see the world end?

Infinite Possibilities (SF/Drama) Rescued from a life of poverty, an adopted inner city girl turns to Quantum Physics - to save both herself, and her old family. 17 pages.

Intelligent Design (SF/Satire) - Two scientists review the results of their latest project...and discuss the sacrifices needed to make it a success.  7 pages.

The Killer Instinct is Alive and Well, and Living in Chicago (SF/Film Noir) - A down and out FX artist runs across an unexpected employer... 9 pages.

Lost in the Storm (Fantasy/SF/Drama) - Brought together by a missing children's convention, three strangers bond over shared grief and loss.  But when a storm traps them in their hotel for the night, one of them finds their ordeal far from over. 12 pages.

Natural Progression (SF) - In the vein of Isaac Asimov's "I Robot" series, an Android legally fights for the right to self-determination, and something a bit more...  12 pages.

Rewired (SF) - Experimental treatments give an impoverished girl a chance to survive brain cancer. But are there more sinister dangers in store? 6 pages.

(The) Regular (SF) - A lonely man meets a frightened Physicist in a diner - one who has secrets to share. 20 pages (single location.)

Safe Place (SF) - A young girl relies on a mentor to get her through an ordeal. But what lies on the other side of a door may be far worse than it seems. 5 pages.

Slush Pile (SF) - A lonely boy with Asbergers figures out Grand Unified Theory. But can a voice such as his ever be heard? 10 pages.

Solitary Confinement (SF) - When AI becomes a reality, and a robot's found guilty of murder - how to crime and punishment apply? 12 pages.

Special Friend (SF)  - A look into Sexuality, Artificial Intelligence, and the dark predictions how such things may merge.  Warning - adult topic. 4 pages.

Strange Specimens (SF/Comedy) - Kidnapped by aliens made solely of light, four humans struggle to convince them not to destroy the Earth. 11 pages.

Stream of Consciousness (SF) - A breakthrough in technology makes telepathy possible.  But is Dr. Aaron's invention a path into the world of the mind?  Or is it a glimpse into something far stranger... ? 10 pages.  (The short that inspired the feature length...) Feature length version in production - no longer available.

The Box (SF) - Five strangers from different historical times wake up in a metal box.  Why are they there? And can they cooperate long enough to escape? 8 pages.

The Peaceful Solution (SF) - A time traveler goes to great lengths to right one of history's greatest wrongs. But will fate find a way?  6 pages.

The Silencer (Fantasy/Comedy) - Ralph discovers his new super-power... the ability to make political arguments fade away... 10 pages.

WWJD (SF) - An ancient language expert hired by a top secret lab finds himself with the job of a lifetime: translating a revived Jesus's first words.  But will they be what his benefactors want to hear...? 7 pages. Optioned - no longer available.