Phil Clarke,

Bad Penguin (animated dark comedy)A blind musician befriends an angry, armed-to-the-teeth penguin that wishes to teach Clover City how it feels about Christmas.  What a foul waterfowl! 

Status: Available. 

Teaser trailer developed by
BAFTA Award Winning Animator Tony White, founder of the Animaticus Foundation.

Brass Ring (quirky drama) - Ten years after college, four friends debate the wisdom of continuing to pursue their dreams, in the face of failure and stagnation.  (Excerpt pending)

Status: Available.
The Burnout

The Burnout (SF/Action) - When members of a defunct team of super-solders are being killed, their fate lies in the hands of a homeless man with a mysterious past.  Second place winner in the 2004 Shriekfest Sci-Fi/Horror Film Festival.  Finalist, 2004 Let's Do Lunch Competition.  View an excerpt here.

Status: Available.

The Devil's Jokebook (fantasy/thriller) - A church relic is stolen and Heaven and Hell rely on a non-believer to get it back - with the fate of Christianity lying in the balance.

Status: Available.

2013 Finalist in Shriekfest!

Druid's Guide

A Druid's Guide to the Northeast (drama/fantasy) - A cantankerous modern day druid must protect a water elemental from those wishing to control it, while teaching a social outcast the value of life.  Finalist in the 2007 Shriekfest Sci-Fi/Horror Film Festival.  View an excerpt here.

Status: Available

Frankincense (horror) - Dr. Frankin may not be mad, but his creation is....   The story of a scientist, his assistant and their monster.  A modern day urban adaptation of the classic horror story Frankenstein.   View excerpts  here and here.

Status: Available

Lobster Point (TV Series) (Drama): the lives of a traditional Maine Lobster-fishing family begin to crack as inter-generational tensions boil  beneath the waves...

Episode 1 - One Big Happy Family
Episode 2 -Back to School

Episodes available upon request

Mafia Dogs (animated family comedy) - A young samoyed escapes from an illegal puppy mill, and experiences adventure in the world around him...until the mob's canine enforcers are sent to bring him back into the fold.   View excerpts  here and here.

Status: Available

Christmas Rush (animated family comedy) - A documentary crew visits the North Pole to interview Santa, and discovers numerous problems that could jeopardize Christmas.   View excerpts  here and here.

Status: Available

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